One of my favorite dinners (I’ve gotten a little better at cooking it!) Is
tonkatsu. I first had it at my mother in laws when me and my husband first started dating, then started ordering it whenever we went to Hawaiian restaurants. My husband made it a couple times at home so I had him teach me. I don’t have exact amount of what to use, because whenever my husband tells me how to cook something he says and some of this and some of that just taste it! So its taken me a few times to get it right.
I buy boneless pork chops from Costco they come about 9 of them to a package for about $20. I slice them in half (long way) then rinse off and pat dry, flatten it out so its a lot thinner. Depending on how many you’re cooking depends on how much ingredients you’re going to use. I usually cook 4-6 pork chops.
After I flatten the pork chop I heat up the oil (medium heat) on the stove so its hot by the time I’m done breading the chops.
Break 4 eggs in a bowl and mix (I start out with 2 eggs but most of the time end up using 2 more because I double bread).
Put about 1 1/2 cups of flour on a plate (or zip lock bag -its a little less mess-) with salt and pepper.
I use almost a box of panko, put that on a plate or zip lock bag (less mess with the bag).
Take your flattened pork chop, dip in  flour, egg, panko and again flour , egg, panko (ive noticed its a lot better to double bread), put in hot oil for 5 mins. on each side.
Place on paper towel. I also start rice in the rice cooker before I start and its ready by the time I’m done cooking pork chops. Now for the sauce, again I have no measurements. All you need is ketchup and worcestershire sauce. Mix ketchup and worcestershire together, more ketchup then worcestershire, but you want more of the worcestershire taste.
Slice the pork chops, place on plate and you’re done!