Some of my favorite places to shop!

Bath and Body works
If you go to their website (or in store) you can sign up for special offers. I am constantly getting e-mails letting me know what deals are going on (and sometimes they have some great ones!), about once a week i get a 20% off coupon or spend so much get so much off. Towards the end of the year they have a huge sale with great prices! I have heard more negative then positive about their shipping though, mostly receiving broken items.
I stopped shopping at walmart for a million reasons, main one being its so crowded in that place that you cant even get down an aisle without wanting to trip some people. I LOVE target, and have found myself going in there just to walk around, because its so clean, most of the people are polite and its soooo quiet! Everyone says its more expensive then walmart, yeah a little bit but it’s not bad, plus you dont have to deal with crowded aisles. They have great clearance prices, and if you download their cartwheel app you can save not only buy coupons, but they have deals (buy one get one 50% off, etc.) that you can only get buy using your cartwheel.
Now I dont necessarily think this place is amazing, because sometimes they just dont have a great selection on shoes. They have a rewards program, I also dont know how that works, I just signed up for it, because it was free, I assume it’s just to save a little more on your total. They usually always have a sale going, and they also have great clearences prices. I remember a few years ago i scared a pair of shoes for my son for $5, and him and his friend thought they were the best shoes! I also got my wedding shoes from here for under $25(im cheap). You can usually always find a coupon for this place.
World Market
I never knew this place existed until last year when I was searching for some cute tablespoons and some mason jar ones popped up on Google. This store has the cutest stuff! I hate going in there because I spend more then I should, but if you would too if you seen what they have! They have a rewards program you can sign up for which is great because you get so much off your first purchase, you get a coupon on your birthday month, when you spend so much they give you more coupons, its a great rewards program.
Oh Costco! This place probably has one of the best memberships, that I have had anyways. If you sign up for the more expensive membership, which is i believe $100, you get back a certain percentage of what you spend, but you still get great deals with just the basic ($55) membership. The one thing I love is how much we have been able to spend on groceries, by buying meat and water in bulk! Some items they have are better buying elsewhere, but for the most part they have great prices. You can also get great prices on photo printing, fast food (you can order their food even if your not a member, prices are CHEAP), vacations, car rentals, car buying, home flooring, insurance, ect. The only downfall is it does get pretty packed, especially on the weekends. I have went there on weekdays and they still are pretty busy, I was waiting in my car one morning for them to open (I got there early so i could get home before kids got home from school), and oh man these people get crazy, there was a line outside of the doors just waiting for them to open!