My pup


Like I said in my first post I want to try to blog everyday, we went to vegas today to get house stuff so I didn’t hqve time to blog earlier (it is now 10pm so I may just ramble on and make no sense, and I just want to sleep but blog post first!)
This is the first picture I seen of Belle , and for some reason I fell in love before even meeting her which is weird because I AM NOT an animal person. I picked her up from a family who was moving and unable to take her with them a few days before Thanksgiving. She is a completely different dog now then she was when I picked her up. She has gained a lot of weight (she was extremely tiny when I got her), she loves to be cuddled, she is so spoiled, she won’t even sleep anywhere other then on a fuzzy blanket on our bed!
Some days I love her more then my kids, Belle still wants to jump in my arms after I yell at her for trying to grab my food, I ask my 13 year old daughter how her day was and she looks at me like she wants to stab me in the throat with a pencil. I now know the love of a dog and I have to say I have been missing out! I think she needed me as much as I needed her …