My first time…

Now that I have your attention 😉
I decided to start a blog! I know what you’re thinking, isn’t her husband a web/graphic designer, why the heck does her blog look like crap! I use to do web design, and knew how to do codes and all that so I’m going to try to do it myself first, because my husband is a busy busy man, I’ll be adding more and doing more as I learn:) I don’t have one specific topic I’ll be sticking with because for one I get bored with the same thing easily and for two I’m a very indecisive person. I’m going to TRY to blog everyday, but sometimes I don’t even feel like rolling out of bed so we will see how this goes. I think some days I’ll write personal stories, some days I’ll do a pinterest fail (I say pinterest fail because 99% of the time the projects I do from pinterest look nothing like the dang picture), and I’ll share links to products I’ve tried and like. This post doesn’t sound too amusing so I hope I can get better and hope you continue to read 🙂