Breakfast Sushi


Me and my husband tried this one weekend while the kids were gone and loved it! I like my bacon a little more cooked then he does so I put mine back in the oven after its done and cut.

What you need:
10 pieces of bacon
2 cups tater tots
1 1/2 cups cheddar cheese
1 jalapeño pepper (optional)
2 eggs
3 tooth picks
3 bbq sticks
Tin foil

Take tater tots, jalapeño pepper,and eggs and mix in bowl ( Cut jalapeño small)

Lay large piece of tin foil on counter.

Make a bacon weave. Drive long bbq sticks on each end to keep bacon from pulling apart.

Spread tot mixture over bacon evenly.

Spread cheese evenly..

Leave one end of bacon weave blank ( about 2 inches)

With the help of the tin foil wrap breakfast sushi..

Use the 3 remaining tooth picks to hold the 3 pieces of bacon together so they don’t pull apart while cooking

Place on baking sheet and remove tin foil..

I cook mine at 375 for 45 minutes  (or tell bacon is fully cooked)

Take out of oven and slice..